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Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Delaware (AMROD) 

rnAngela Brown:
MalRescueDE [at]

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Category: Area Malamute Rescues

New Jersey - New York Malamute Rescue 

Contact: NewYorkMalRescue [at]

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Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection (CHAAMP) 

Lezlie Crosswhite:
rnmalamuterescue [at]

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Category: Area Malamute Rescues

About the Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA) 
The Alaskan Malamute Club of America, Inc. is the American Kennel Club (AKC) National Breed Club for the Alaskan Malamute. The club has as its main goal the betterment of the breed, and asserts that its membership has an obligation to the Alaskan Malamute breed, to preserve the magnificence of the breed without exploiting it. To that end the Club was established and those goals are kept in mind as we expand into each new area of involvement with our breed. The Club’s membership is actively involved in all those facets of the Breed that contribute to these goals.

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Banshee Alaskan Malamutes 
I am Carlene Way, owner of Banshee Malamutes located in Philadelphia, PA. I am the breeder and exhibitor of some of the most extraordinarily beautiful and loving Alaskan Malamutes in the north eastern US region. My kennels and breeding program focus on good health, longevity, and the total life-long well-being of the dogs I produce.

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Category: Area Malamute Breeders

Jersey Sands Sled Dog Racing Association 
Jersey Sands Sled Dog Racing Association is based in Southern New Jersey. We are a sled dog club of approximately 20 mushers who are dedicated to preserving the good name of sled dog racing. We run approximately 3 - 4 sled dog races a year, all of which are open to the public. Depending on the conditions, the races may be run on dry land with a gig or snow using a sled. Our members train their sled teams on the trails of the New Jersey Pinelands.

rnWe regularly train at our race sites on the weekends when weather permits. You are welcome to come meet our dogs and watch them run. You can go to the page and drop one of us an e-mail for more info.

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Category: Sled Dog Clubs

Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club, Inc. 
he Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club was founded in 1971 with the express purpose "to conduct sled dog races, and to promote the safe and humane racing, driving and training of sled dogs."rn

rnToday the club has over 150 members from Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New Jersey and Alaska. Classes at club races range from the International Sled Dog Racing Association's Sanctioned classes right down to the Pee Wee classes. Sportsman classes for beginning and recreational mushers are also popular. We also feature pure bred classes. Many club members compete in weight pulls sanctioned by IWPA.rn

rnThe Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club has been a member club and a strong supporter of the International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA) for over twenty years. Club events are run under ISDRA rules and many club events apply for not only ISDRA but also IFSS sanctioning.rn

rnRecreational teams, rig races, weight pullers, officials, juniors, and professional sprint racers: these are the many faces of the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club. Such diversity, bonded together by a shared love of the dogs and sled dog sports, is the core and strength of the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club.

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Category: Sled Dog Clubs

Canine Health Information Center 
Welcome to the Canine health Information Center: rn

Providing a source of health information for owners, breeders, and scientists that will assist in breeding healthy dogsrn

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Category: Malamute Health Related Websites

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 
The Mission of the OFArnrnTo promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic diseasernrnThe OFA is guided by the following four specific objectives:rnrn To collate and disseminate information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals.rn To advise, encourage and establish control programs to lower the incidence of orthopedic and genetic diseases.rn To encourage and finance research in orthopedic and genetic disease in animals.rn To receive funds and make grants to carry out these objectives.rn

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Category: Malamute Health Related Websites